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Most Muslims today are turning their attention towards analyzing Islam and trying to present the true state of the Muslims, but they only look at outward actions and statements. These deeds and statements are nothing but the upper floors of Islam’s building; they cannot be strengthened nor consolidated unless they are relying on that humble, hidden part of the building known as the foundations. These foundations are established in the heart, so how can the foundations of Islam’s building be established therein? How can a connection be made between the foundations of this building and its upper floors, such that the Muslims can guarantee that it will not be blown away by the wind or rocked by a storm, and that it will not be inundated by the forces of tyranny and base desires? The mission of this book is to answer these questions and reveal the ways to make this connection between one’s Islamic life inside the heart and one’s Islamic life as manifested via one’s limbs and organs.

Inward Sin, The Greatest Danger in the Lives of Muslims (Pinnacle Papers Vol. 2)

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