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  • The journey of steadfastness, or the struggle for istiqamah in the illusions of dunya. The constant attempt for renewal of intentions and cultivating the soul to return to its natural mould. A continuation from the first book, Syafakallah May Allah swt Heal You. I choose to believe I have grown by His Mercy, hence risking myself into harder drops by my desires. This book is an aggressively subtle call for change, for myself first and foremost, before the attempt to reach the hearts of another.


    "And thus We have revealed it as an Arabic legislation. And if you should follow their inclinations after what has come to you of knowledge, you would not have against Allah any ally or any protector." 

    - Ar-Ra'd 13:37


    1x La Taqlaq Book
    1x Author's Letter
    1x Free Mini Stickers

    To note:
    Not inclusive of tasbih, mini vespa and cactuses!

    La Taqlaq Book

    SKU: BBTVR02
    • A struggling soul who seeks to observe life to its details while remembering the certainty of death in the uncertainty of time; what have I done to fulfil the rights of the Creator, the Prophet (may peace and blessings be upon him), my family, self and others to be able to meet death with a safe smile, God-Willing. I am no different from any other man, and we all lead inspiring lives in our own ways. I only chose to speak to others bits and pieces about mine, documenting memories, hoping someone after myself would take heed.

      "The goal isn't to appeal to the masses, the goal is to awaken." - Dulce Ruby

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