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About the book:


Letter-writing works the mind and provides a sense of intimacy not attained through face-to-face conversations. In an era of continuously advancing technology and access to instant information, letters serve as a platform that ventures and delves towards building a connection between the writer and the recipient.


Love, Liy is a compilation of letters that were inspired by Liyana's weekly e-letters named #loveliyletters. It is a safe space where she share reflections, be vulnerable, and able to express herself freely.


Written like journal entries, these letters serves as a bridge to connect Liyana to her readers.


Price is inclusive of processing fee.


Pre-order will close on 26 January 2022.


Pre-orders will be mailed out on the 1 February and insyaAllah be received on the same week. Please note that there may also be delays on courier side. Sales in stores will begin on the 6 February.


This order is not inclusive of tickets to book launch event. Please head to the events page to purchase.

Love, Liy

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