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  • Piece of Mind is The Vespa Rider's third and perhaps his final book. His first two books Syafakallah and La Taqlaq consisted of poems of his life and journey as a Muslim. In this book, each poem is followed by a piece of reflections.


    Piece of Mine is an 11-page book filled with intentionally unfishined poems from the books by The Vespa Rider. It is an initiative by Bilal Books to encourage the love for writing through the poem prompts and also interaction between author and reader alike.


    First 33 orders will receive an accompanying book titled 'Piece of Mine'. 



    Sales for The Vespa Rider's Piece of Mind will be live on 7th October 2021 on the website and as well at participating bookstores in Singapore.


    Delivery available worldwide.

    Piece of Mind

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