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  • “Prayers for the Anxious Heart” is a compilation of Azkars (supplications, Remembrance) that were taught to us by the beloved Prophet PBUH,noble companions and the illuminated Awliyas. With a beautiful forward by the respected Dr. Adi Setia.

    "I compiled this almost 2 years ago as a way to remind myself the importance of Azkars that were done after Fajar and Asar and the immense blessings that worship done after the mentioned times could be a way we seek peace and guidance in our lives especially during these times.

    But do we stop at only blessings? No. We often forget that Azkars have the power to welcome Divine intervention for us during the different challenging times in our lives. I believe that Azkars can bring about positive social change for the self and community.

    In the beginning of this book I share about how we can view the world, the steps we can take to purify our intention, thoughts and hearts till we are able to witness the world as a lover. Followed by aligning ourselves with the intention of being servants of Allah swt and Rasulullah PBUH, establishing ourselves with the 4 statements of empowerment to achieve Taqwa lastly advices in keeping to servanthood before starting the wird.

    This book is useful for Teachers, counsellors, social worker, religious leaders and seekers in general as a source book for spiritual and prayer advice.

    Prayers for the Anxious Heart

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